There will always be reasons to think negatively.

Work may be unfulfilling. Friends may be frustrating. Your favourite tv show may be cancelled (or moved back half an hour). These are all parts of Western Life that seem hell-bent on gearing our thinking in a negative fashion.

Mondays are the worst. Tuesdays aren’t much better and God help me on a Wednesday. etc. The problem is that this type of thinking is generally formed by those around us and can tend to scrape off onto our psyche. As an extension of this, our possible negative thoughts may influence others whether we want it o or not.

Negative thinking can be a habit. At the end of a day, we may naturally reflect on the couple of negatives over the heap of positives. To harbour on the tiredness while ignoring the positive factors involved in creating said tiredness.

Negativity must be thought of as a muscle.

The more often it is used, the greater it will flex.

To strengthen our bodies and minds against this muscle, we sometimes need to remind ourselves to think positively. To put things into perspective. To tell yourself that no task in unachievable, that things are never as bad as they seem. For, however hard things may seem, there’s always something as cute as this dog somewhere.

Positive thinking does not mean happiness. Happiness is merely a fleeting emotion. Positivity is a life-changing, continuous mindset – albeit one that needs you to be alert and active in its maintenance.

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