The Creative Touch

I have always harboured great respect for creative people.

I’ve never understood their abilities and my lack of ability has probably rendered me powerless to properly appreciate their skills. I nevertheless try.

The boy who could effortless clear an enormous height. The girl who could draw, or paint, or sing. The adolescent who could strum a song by ear. The writers. The thinkers.

Sometimes, I would think that people may run out of creativity.

That “using” creativity was like taking a cup and slipping it across a bath of water and pouring it down the sink. Once it’s used, it’s gone.

However, I’ve come to feel that creativity is more akin to the flowerbed whereupon others pour their glasses of water onto. With each moment of inspiration and opportunity,people increase their creativity – both in thought and action – for (hopefully) all the world to see.

I’m inclined to believe that, for instance, the more you write, the greater array of inspiration will draw you to write further – the more you use your creativity, the more creative you will be.

Creativity may be more of a habit than a natural-born gift.

8 responses

  1. Your creative. You take beautiful pictures and you designed this blog.

    08/23/2012 at 01:09

    • Thank you for saying – but really it’s a design from the set list and the photos are more of a tribute to the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit. But, regardless, that’s not the point. I feel I’m becoming more creative and I think it’s a tribute to simply giving something new a go. Your blog is amazingly creative, I have no idea how you do it!

      08/23/2012 at 19:30

      • In the days gone by, I had a lot of time. Thank you that is nice.I still think you are creative.

        08/24/2012 at 07:37

  2. Your post reflects your creativity. In my opinion, creative people tend to be more observant. If you stop to smell the roses that means you took the time to notice them.

    08/24/2012 at 02:34

  3. Let’s hope it’s born out of habit or there is no chance for me! Haha 🙂 And you were either born with it nor have practiced a lot…don’t ever doubt your own abilities.

    08/24/2012 at 04:24

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