If families were more like sporting teams

The first big-name trade of the September holidays has been finalised, with Ben Smith heading to the Evans’ and Michael Evans joining the Smiths, after both families finally agreed to terms.

Today’s move is seen as beneficial for both families, with each securing members who will fulfil necessary roles in the coming years.

For the Smiths, the acquisition of Evans signifies an extra string to their already illustrious bow. With elder boys Tim and James, along with sister Tamsin, the Smiths have long-held the mantle of academic excellence. The addition of Michael Evans to their lineup gives them a sporting element that they have, up until now, been missing.

The charismatic Evans looks set to have an immediate impact in livening dinner-table discussion and should prove a handy bragging point for the Smith family.

Of course the move is not without controversy, as the 17-year-old Evans was believed to have one year left on his contract. Subsequently, the premature decision of his parents to move him on may hurt the Smith’s new recruit.

Evans is, however, believed to be excited to be re-united with his family dog, Scully, whom the Smith’s poached in late 2011.

For the Evans’ it’s a matter of providing structure and leadership for their young group. The family is expected to benefit greatly from the academic example that 18-year-old Ben will provide for the family’s young children Amy, 8, Chloe, 6, and Tom, 0.

It has been evident for a number of years that the Evans’ have been opting for a youth-approach, rebuilding the family name.

…Tom Robertson on draft day…

The acquisition of Ben Smith is seen as a coup for the family, after they swooped on Number 1 recruit Tom Robertson (pictured) in the June Draft.

“Yeah, nah, look, we’re thrilled to add Ben to our ranks,” David Evans stated in an interview following the trade. “We think he’s a man with immense prospects and we felt that we also needed to get someone in there with the kids who would provide strong guidance and support for the youngsters to follow.”

When asked if he would miss his son, Michael, David quipped “He’s a Smith now, isn’t he? Nah, look, yeah I probably will. You know, you can’t really think about these things at the moment you’ve just got to get on with the job. Maybe at the end of my life it’ll be something I’ll reflect on, but at the moment I’m just going to look after my squad.”

Steven Smith was equally as straight bat in his response to a similar line of questioning.

Sipping a martini whilst patting Scully, Steven was philosophical in his approach. “You see, Ben was a wonderful boy. He was dedicated and would spend his days studying hard and, for that, we respected him.”

It seems that Ben was more a victim of sameness, than anything else. The Smiths have similar types and needed to diversify their ranks. “Basically, we already had 3 of him – each now in the latter stages of their university careers. We needed to get someone in who would liven things up, provide a bit of spark and flair. That was what we saw in Michael.”

Meanwhile, reports of 31-year-old accountant Jonathan James moving out of home has proven to have been the stuff of rumour. Jonathon has signed on for another 12 months at home and appears set to finish his career under the very roof it began under.

“I also wanted to be a one-house kind of guy and I’m thrilled that it seems that they will be the way it works out,” Jonathon enthusiastically stated.

“We’re thrilled to keep him here,” Mum bellowed, “thrilled!”

The response from his father, however, was slightly less exuberant.


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