The reflective personality

The reflective personality will spend their life observing others. As a consequence, they will feel imbued with the traits that they witness – like a sponge absorbing the moisture around it.

Unfortunately, as is human custom, negative traits will stay more readily in the mind and have a more pronounced impact on the psyche.

A reflective person may abhor certain characteristics in others and feel self loathing often at the onset of their own perpetuation of said traits.

Professionally, a reflective may be acutely aware of detrimental practice yet feel caught in the quagmire, unable to absolve themselves of possible infringements against their better sense or knowledge.

Personally, they may be equally as confident of understanding potential pitfalls in human relationships. What is just as true, however, is that self doubt will again arise when boundaries are crossed.

Too caught in the image of those around them, a reflective person may paradoxically know more of others than they do of themselves. Most poignantly, I believe, is that a reflective person is so trapped in observing others and considering behaviours that they have little regard for how others may perceive them.

Too aware of the evils of human capability and too insecure to view themselves as being safe from them. I suppose nobody is – but I don’t think anyway is as aware of the fact as these people.

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