The reflective personality

The reflective personality will spend their life observing others. As a consequence, they will feel imbued with the traits that they witness – like a sponge absorbing the moisture around it.

Unfortunately, as is human custom, negative traits will stay more readily in the mind and have a more pronounced impact on the psyche.

A reflective person may abhor certain characteristics in others and feel self loathing often at the onset of their own perpetuation of said traits.

Professionally, a reflective may be acutely aware of detrimental practice yet feel caught in the quagmire, unable to absolve themselves of possible infringements against their better sense or knowledge.

Personally, they may be equally as confident of understanding potential pitfalls in human relationships. What is just as true, however, is that self doubt will again arise when boundaries are crossed.

Too caught in the image of those around them, a reflective person may paradoxically know more of others than they do of themselves. Most poignantly, I believe, is that a reflective person is so trapped in observing others and considering behaviours that they have little regard for how others may perceive them.

Too aware of the evils of human capability and too insecure to view themselves as being safe from them. I suppose nobody is – but I don’t think anyway is as aware of the fact as these people.

8 responses

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  2. jeslin

    I am afraid as i am one of these….can i change

    11/02/2014 at 21:01

  3. Anonymous

    dude use simple words

    08/15/2015 at 14:27

    • Anonymous

      Dude, look them up then.

      07/24/2016 at 20:49

    • Anonymous

      get an edjucation

      06/30/2017 at 13:58

  4. Bryant

    I am one of these people but I am not afraid… Instead, I am proud and enjoy everything I observe. When I read this I was shocked because I then looked at myself and thought “wow this is me”. I really enjoyed your article👍.

    02/08/2016 at 06:07

  5. Learn how to guard your hearts and minds, with philosophical or basic truths, knowing that the empathetic strategy you have needs protection otherwise, your words will be misconstrued as immaturity because in reflective responses, as you pick up vibes from others you then ‘echo’ them back until they respond with a new one (ultimately saying.. give me a new game, this is ‘old hat’ only they don’t know it). It is more difficult at a party and tends to send people away or make you seem antisocial. This has been an unspoken teaching tool that you have used until that person ‘learns’ how to change their behavior, almost as if it’s a game of challenges to to unconsciously and patiently teach them that you understand what they are going through on an empathetic level and patiently wait until they can grow or change. When you learn how to control what you reflect, for how long and are able to defer that to a recommendation, or a new game for them, then you begin to master controlling your response to a catalystic affect that can change them more easily. If it doesn’t satisfy you or they are stuck.. you can choose to stay and teach gradually or boldly depending on the need at the time, your patience, energy and resources or you can move on. It totally depends on your level of patience to ‘play the game’. It’s what you do to first get on a level of understanding where they are coming from. This may alarm some, offend them and even make them angry because they want to call it their own most times as if to say “No one understands what I am going through”. It is why it is a delicate mind game of controlling your emotions and you need to recharge yourself often by looking away at objective things like a clock or the sky. It is best to look up so they do not get a chance to think they have defeated you so “hold your head high” rings true meaning. It is a delicate balance to not get ahead of yourself and get too proud or boastful. When you focus on beneficial statements of basic truths so high that they cannot argue them… they start to benefit and change and tend to agree unless they present a new argument or a simple frustrated response when they realize they cannot subdue your optimism. The quickest and easiest tools are found in comedy, which be can be found reviewing comedy. Most times people are looking for how you may respond to entertain them anyway. If you are stuck in this mode, you have not entertained them but you have caught their attention. It is up to you to find out how to keep their attention or quickly defer them if you need to refer to comedy or something entertaining that the entire country is talking about. This is usually done unconsciously but once you become aware of it when you have more energy and are healthy. It is easier if you are aware now and you will seem to be completely entertaining and have more answers than people know how to manage or compete with. When you make it fun, after practice and just letting it run with the vibe, you can keep them guessing and have a little fun with it, leaving them wanting more.. then walk away while they are laughing saying something silly like..”That’s all Folks ! ” If you can manage the Porky Pig impression or another entertainer’s farewell line… well you’ve aced it and walk away. Be careful to pick humor that doesn’t belittle people or you will pass on a bad behavior. I wish I could remember this half the time myself. I haven’t perfected it and certainly don’t know everything. It’s just the beginning but sure does make for some interesting relationships that keep them asking me where my head is. I read the bible by the time I was 9, on my own and simply to earn a sticker. I grew up in a very busy household with many kids, fun with music, activities, football, skates, bikes, climbing trees, tea parties and homemade lemonade stands. We also had to face many relatives with all of their quirks and differences, hugs and expressions of politics, while facing the mayors of big cities at formal events then unwinding at the beach on off days. Adventure awaits in books, the internet and all around us… don’t let the ill make you ill too. Defer their attention to the fabulous things life has when you can and be patient always. Best of times and worst of times .. we all have them and you have already witnessed this, now remind them how to move on to the next level… Joy

    06/13/2017 at 09:14

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