Vienna – Belvedere

Belvedere0 Belvedere1 Belvedere3 Belvedere4 Belvedere5 Belvedere6 Belvedere7

7 responses

  1. One word…haunting.

    08/26/2013 at 01:43

  2. Hey, I really like the photos and the way you present them. I have a question for you about the layout of your blog. I use the same theme, but I hate having to re adjust the size of all my pictures every time I want to display them (like you) in a large tumbledown format. Do you use a code to achieve the proper size for uploaded images? Or do you just manually change each one? Thank you for your time, I look forward to more pictures from you.


    08/26/2013 at 03:13

    • Hey mate – unfortunately I’m a terrible person to use for advice such as this sorry!
      I’ve had a look and our themes certainly seem quite similar, but I’m not convinced they’re exactly the same? I use Modularity Lite which I customised a bit (from memory) a whole ago.
      I know I removed the sidebar which was far too large and that enabled me to display the images much larger – but I’ve never had the option or icon to present my images as you do (which I think looks amazing, to be honest – though I can see why you might be over it). Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

      08/27/2013 at 19:14

      • No problem, I’ll have to do some more experimenting. As far as what I do, I can tell you (if you’re feeling a change yourself): when you create a post from your dashboard > Add media > Create gallery (left bar menu) > Choose pics > Create a new gallery (bottom right) > Change the ‘type’ to ’tiled mosaic’. Just that easy. Looking forward to your next post. Cheers.

        08/28/2013 at 04:03

        • Aha! Maybe I can help you after all…

          When I put a new post up I go to new post, insert media and upload it there – it the. Just automatically chooses full size (so I resize it first to not take up heaps of space) and then upload the new post.

          Hope that helps.

          Thanks for that, will have to try it!

          08/28/2013 at 08:26

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