A Reflection

Through my window I am gently guided through a swarm of human activity.

Veering to the left I see the toil of human achievement – eroded fields and abandoned machinery adorn a captivatingly miserable landscape

Easing to the right, each unlit house engenders feelings of pity at those poor people contained within the delapidated walls. At the loveless marriages and joyless dinners.

Even as I eventually come to witness the crowded streets we pass, people as rats fighting for their existence. Willingly injuring their neighbours for a step up the rungs of an invisible social ladder – emblemized frequently by the advertising of yet another carcinogenic brand.

In the faces of those I pass, I see loss, sadness, distance and disconnect.

With a shock, my train suddenly enters a tunnel and my window to the outside world turns swiftly to black – offering only my own reflection.

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