Essenza Della Vita


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  1. I am an American who was living in Rome. I accidentally met this girl (from the same small part of Campania as my grandmother’s family) who lived in my building. She convinced me to get a dog from a litter of puppies on a farm we found in the newspaper. We took a tram a train a bus and walked two hours (we didn’t realize it was that far).

    Fast forward a month. I needed toilet paper. For some reason, mindlessly, I put my puppy’s leash on and went downstairs (I don’t know what I was thinking, I obviously couldn’t take my dog into the supermarket). At the corner of my street, my dog jumped on this random guy’s bicycle. He was standing there with two of his friends.

    Nearing 6 tumultuous years later, one of his friends is now my husband of nearly 5 years.

    And the scary part? I had never met anyone with his name (it was a name I had never even heard of). But when we flew back to the States and he met my family, my mother gave me a silver baby cup I had been given at baptism.

    There, beneath the cup inscribed in the metal…was his name.

    08/15/2014 at 13:32

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